The Backstory

By 1Embed

Most businesses operate multiple websites. Perhaps you have a website on Squarespace, a Shopify shop, a WordPress blog, or maybe you’ve created one with a no-code website builder.

Adding Functionality

Then, you might want to add banners, web fonts, or chat widgets to all those websites. Or perhaps you’re considering trying out five different analytics tools. When you add these embed code snippets to your websites, you’d prefer to do it once, not five times. That’s where 1Embed comes in.

Enter 1Embed

Once installed, you can use the 1Embed app to add, edit, or remove embed code snippets. These snippets will be automatically added to your websites.

Unlike other tag management systems, 1Embed is easy to set up and use. There’s no need for documentation, and you don’t need to take an online course to learn how to use it. It’s the simplest way to manage embed code snippets on your websites.

Check It Out

Give 1Embed a try and sign up for a free 30-day trial. I hope you find it valuable and useful.